Winters coming update.



Well winters coming soon so i figured i probablly wont be updating to much during this busy season so heres a final hoorah until spring time.

So far nothing drastic has changed with my setup. I turned the boost up to 20psi and tuned accordingly. I also managed to fix all my CELs. Having that lil CEL light disapear gives sucha great feeling. Also i finally leaned the car out for cruise and i can already see a big difference in the gas mileage im getting. This month ive picked up a couple little things as follows:
-o2 sensor
-polished vc
-rear and front strut bars
-hatch side door (i think this piece is really cool!)
-gsx rotors to go with the calipers i have laying around

Not much really to brag about but i enjoy doing the little things. Ive also got some comp 101200s on the way.
Things i plan to get/fix during the winter season include:
-fix slipping clutch
-fix leaking sunroof
-buy an afpr and filter for the e85 coming in spring
-install parts ive been hoarding

If the trans. ends up needing to be dropped i will probably try and pick up a act 2600 pp just in case. Looking over my mods list only one thing seems out of place.... the turbo. If i can save the funds i might be switching over to an hx35 sometime during tax return season. Who knows tho maybe the cams and e85 will be good enough ill just have to wait and see. LOL


hey whats going on? Just watched your video.Nice car!!! I just bought a 1997 gsx and cant wait to start on it.Keep up the work.