A few more things. Got the new knock sensor in. DTC went away. So electronically, I believe the ECU is ready to run. We got a good game plan for the last four wires for the "dash" harness. We want to wait until the car starts before we attempt to remove them. We are pretty sure we can remove them. I installed the new timing belt. Went on first try. Got the cooling system ready to prime. I was intending to fill the car with water today, but my christmas gift finally got here.

I got a brand new canvass top for my suzuki samurai. My fiance got it for me. It was a son of a bitch to put on. It sat in the garage all night, and was super tight. After fighting with it for about 30 minutes, I finally got it stretched into place. It sucked.

Only other thing today was Nick made me a bracket for my ignition.