Well she is tuned. It is faster. I do not have enough road to use foruth gear, and I didn't feel like driving to another road.

20psi is all it has. The 14b was stuck at 20 psi as well. I think there are now two restrictions. The whole hot pipe setup and the throttle body seals leaking like they are. I can hear the turbo for the first time. It is much louder than the 14b. It spools 200rpm later. That may not be the case, but at 12psi it was making full boost at 4300. I did not look at 20psi.

It seems the car is capped at 25lbs/min. With both turbos I cranked and cranked on the controller and the map sensor never moved. Both seem to not make any more airflow than 2000hz either. So there is some sort of restriction. A boost leak test only shows the throttle body. I think it is just too much air for the 1.75" hotpipe. If it is even that big.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel. From 60-78mph it is .3 seconds faster in just third gear. So the top end and power is there. Just have to find a way to use it. Maybe when the $600 tax rebate comes through I will man up and put the 4" intercooler on it.

I had my hopes up, but not too far. At least I have a shot at 13's on the hotpipe and the 1.6L now. I think I can make it happen. I need my FMIC bad. It is just sitting on the side of the house waiting. Along with my GM MAF and fresh non turbo throttle body.

Right and wrong time to buy a house. Right because we have $33,000 built in equity in the house, and bad because it is race season and I want to go fast.