Update 2



CHAGGARD27- "So I have been working on this build for about a week now for Mario009 on here. His car had been sitting in his garage for about 3-4 years with a freshly built 2.3 stroker right next to it just waiting to be dropped in. Well long story short it is now at my house and I am taking on the project of putting it all together. Since I am a nice guy I decided to work on a wire tuck in the meantime as well so that the new shiny engine really catched your eye. Here are some pics of before and after. Let me know what you guys think."




CHAGGARD27- "I will be adding the pics in a bit of how the wire tuck is coming along. I believe I have found a guiness place for the fuse box which keeps things super simple as well as clean. I will upload the pics and let you see

Here are the pics of how the wire tuck is coming along. I havent decided on whether i am going to remove the firewall blanket or not...what do you guys think?? I think it will make the brake lines stand out more which I dont want...I may paint it all black or remove the blanket and paint it all red...hmmm...anyways here are the pics you all want to see right"





Ok so I worked on the car some more today. I got the turbo all plumbed up except for the O2 housing which needs to be extended now with the new manifold. Then I installed the Quarter master clutch and then the Stage 4 tranny from Shep. I also got the Magnus SMIM on with the heat bearier gasket and the mounts on the tranny. I did run into a few problems that I believe I can work out but just got some questions for you guys to see what you think




So here is the question....on the OFH we are going to be running an external oil cooler. The OFH already has the fittings installed but I did notice that there is a large hole that probably needs a plug and also I am not sure where to put the oil pressure sensor at or if that is where it goes with some sort of plug that has the threading in the middle for the sensor...what do you guys think I should do?




So I got the motor in and I have started with the wire tuck on this beast. It sure takes some time to route all the wires and then wrap them individually so that they are more flexible and easier to hide. I have done about half of the engine now and just need to finish the last few and then wrap any loose wires and tuck the loom back up out of sight. Here are a few pics of the motor and wires out of the loom and then a few of the wire tuck process. One is of the thermostat housing sensors and the CAS and the other is of the injectors once the wire tuck was complete on those two parts. What do you guys think?