turning a $500 car into a running DD.



zedicus;152720006 said:
mouse nest

bent valves

engine shot

i just got it back together, found a broke weld on the intake tube and fixed it. still have some leaks to track down and fix. and probably will need to rebuild the throttle body.

kids birthday party this weekend so wont get to work on it more till next week. more pics then though.

turning this into a blog entry


i forgot i had started a blog on this. why is there blogs and journals? what is the difference? that is the question.

i drove this car as my DD for about a year and the pressed in generic plug on the oil pump finally pushed out one freezing winter morning. a combination of steel plug, aluminum oil housing, below 0 outside temp, and a warming up engine. i made it home before any real engine damage occurred but the engines static psi test is well under the service limit anyway so i figured a rebuild is in order.

this will be a high compression stroker 10:1, 2.4l over bore stuffed into a stock 6-bolt. under a stock head. goal is high torque low RPM street terror build.

its about half done, i have the bottom end built, i just need to finish the cloning machine first so i can dedicate some real man hours to this.