Turbo Headache



So, I am at another road block.

After extensive research and scrolling thru threads. I found out that I have a 14b turbo. Unfortunately it is done for beyond repair probably. Either way, I do have a full setup for it.

A friend of mine gave me a t25 to use instead but i dont have a manifold nor O2 housing to fit it to my gsx.

My choices are, either trade all my 14B stuff for the T25 stuff. OR. Try to find a decent 14b/16g.

I am actually trying to keep this stock as possible. I plan to autocross it after its said and done, so I wanna stay in STX class. If I upgrade, it will throw me in SM. I am not interested in going that route.

Going to put this in the classifieds. Feel free to PM me for offers. All I have is a turbo, so id feel free to swap parts.

I got all parts put together showing all that I will be trading.
The last 2 pics are of the T25 showing the housing I need and the intake neck.
Willing to make straight trade.


Why don't you just go ahead and use the 14b..If your doing a mild build and not restoration..It's gonna be better than the 2g t25?

Just re read the post..The 14b is blown..Why don't you pm jusmx141,, he can probably repair any turbo that comes his way..


Its more because when it I finally get it running, I plan to autocross. I dont feel like spending more money to run in an SM class ### of a different turbo. I am trying to stay in STX class with this car so I dont have to spend money on Rcomp tires.


I have a 99 ECLIPSE 420a fully built W turbo compression is good 8.8:1 180 psi across the board, oil pressure is good starts at 35psi at warm up settles around 10 at warm idle, no excessive blow by out of the pcv system spark plugs look good a tad rich engine runs fine but smokes like crazy when the turbo is on it have ran this setup for thousands of miles never had a problem. Tried three different turbos all from ebay each one smokes like crazy take the turbo off doesn't smoke a bit. Thought it was the drain line replaced the drain line and same result....... does anyone have a clue what is happening here cause Im at my wits end and I don't know what else to do