STM 2G White GSX Build



Man STM does the best work out there.. My #1 Vendor 100%, Keeping the DSM game at the top!

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I hope I'm not "blogging" incorrectly, but this format is rather confusing, so I apologize for that. Perhaps I should have edited the original post to keep it all formatted?

Anyhow. On pump gas 93 octane, we sent Eddie on his way for a few weeks to get used to the car, feel for the clutch and generally accept 450 HP!

But the time has come to start modding again. We tested out the new Walbro 400 LPH on this 2g, as well as swapped out the 93 and switched over to E85.

The Walbro pump performed very respectably, maxing out at 35 psi and making 588 HP and 482 TQ! Since dyno numbers are so hard to judge, for reference, Cory's Evil TSI 2g was running 10.3 at about 450 HP.

STM will release an install kit for the 2g shortly, so keep an eye in the Vendor section for that.

Here's the dyno graph from today:


In the future, this DSM can take more fuel and certainly more power! The stock 1g intake manifold is still limiting as well, but for now... I believe just under 600 HP will be more than fun on the streets!