Home made rubber throttle body gaskets



UPDATE- Do not use just any old rubber to make your gaskets from. The stuff I used sucked and pressed its way into the intake track. Is was very strange looking when I pulled it out. It had formed its self into all the small passages and then hardened there like it was molder to do so. Not a good idea!
- 300 miles ago I installed some home made rubber gaskets at the throttle body. I made them from the floor board rubber padding of a scrap gst I had in front of the house.

- Today I put down the throttle and had the engine cut out on me pretty bad. It got to the point I had to pull off the side of the road and make sure I wasn't going to stall out on the high way.

- I've had boost leak issues before and this one seemed different; but when I got home I noticed all the throttle body bolts had worked them self's loose. Really loose.

- This may be a little premature, as I haven't driven the car yet; but I'm pretty sure the leak was the problem.

- The iffy part is how the rpm's would drop almost like there was a disconnection from the sensor or something..?