400HP Stock Block Holset Build



Well I have decided that it is time to raise the power on my GVR4 setup. I’m Going to be upgrading from the stock turbo to a holset hx35. I will be using the original holset housing and having a custom turbo manifold made to make sure it fits my engine bay correctly. Some other things i will be doing is swapping to a Honda civic aluminum radiator and some ARP Head studs with some cam's thrown in there. Well Here are some photos of the engine and what I Have to start with.
Pics of the part's will come soon also...


You have a great foundation in your setup now for the hx35. Don't get 280s yet. These cams are too much (not neccesary) for the hx35. The hx35 is only a little bigger than a 50-trim with respect to flow. You'll have faster spool and better high boost efficiency, though. 272s are plenty.

The 280s will only hurt your powerband with this turbo.