1990 Mitsubishi Talon resurrection



After letting this car sit for almost 6 years, I have decided to rebuild it and make some mild/moderate upgrades. I wanted to share this rebuild with everyone and will try to post updates/ improvements as I go.
Let me start with a little background. I have been an auto tech. for over 19 years now and have worked on everything you can think of. About 4 years ago I decided that I would never be happy working for someone else, so I started my own business.
As for my DSM background.. I bought my first one back in '94. A 1990 Eclipse GSX, a sweet car that was bone stock and only had 85k on it. I drove the crap out of it, blowing the trans. twice. The second time it happened was racing a Honda. When I shifted to 3rd and let the clutch out to pass him, all hell broke lose and I laid down a 4 wheel skid mark that went for about 60 feet. After having the car towed to the shop I worked at, I pulled the trans and found out I broke the 1-2 shift fork, upon shifting to third, I effectively put the trans in 2nd and 3rd at the same time. This didn't really work out well for my race or the tranny, as it blew the side cover open when 5th gear came apart as well as breaking the counter shaft clean in half.
While looking for another trans. I heard about an 'old Talon' that some guy was selling. I went to look at it and found out it was a '90 TSI. It didn't run, and he was told that it had 'wiring issues' but he wasn't interested in spending $100's to fix it. I bought it for $500 and he even towed it to the house for me !!
My wife was less than pleased to see another car towed into the driveway and parked next to the other tow-in.
Once I explained the reason I bought it to her, I headed out to have a look. Within 15 minutes it was running ! Turned out the caps leaked and ruined the board. As I would come to find out, having an identical car parked next to this one would come in handy.
Once I had it running, and sounding fairly good I might add, I took a good look at what I had. I realized the interior left ALOT to be desired... The 'party' colored flecks in the fabric felt sort of like a reflection off a disco ball.
Thus came the interior swap: seats, carpet(covered in dog hair), door panels, and the dash which was lifting and separating more than a Victoria's Secret bra !!
Now that I was able to sit inside without feeling like a member of the BeeGee's, I took it for a ride and realized it was in no way street ready. This marked the first rebuild, dubbed the 'hillbilly rebuild' I swapped pretty much everything (in hindsight, it would have been easier to just put the damn trans. in my Eclipse and go back to driving...) The downpipe was broken at the flex, swapped.. the pass. side axle clicked bad, swapped.. the P/S rack leaked like a senior at BINGO, swapped.. I even swapped in my 'just about new' plugs, wires and fuel filter.
Then came the day that my current vehicle (a '97 Dodge Ram) got traded in at the dealership. 'twas a deal I couldn't pass up and I bought it. As if to spite me, the last time I drove the Talon... putting it in the garage at the house, I blew a brake line and almost put it through the back wall into the pool.
Fast forward to present time, I have had my own shop for 3 years and I get a 2g AWD towed in that won't run. Of course this got me thinking about how much I really miss being a DSM'er....sigh.... Once I got his running and waiting for more parts, I pushed the TSI into the shop and found out it needed more than a brake line and a battery.
The ECU needed caps plus, and after having no luck finding a good '90 EPROM, I sent it off to ECMtuners.com
While that was out and waiting for a quote, I decided I might as well pull the intake and exhaust manifolds and turbo to do some porting...

Of course, this was the point when I said... 'Self, if you are going to port the mani's you might as well do the head too and why not freshen up the gaskets....

Insert hours of cleaning, porting and polishing 'here'



Ahhhh, with that done, I sent the head off to the maching shop for a bath, a shave and a valve retouch.
Next I looked at the brakes...(remembering that this is a budget rebuild) and said


Well, crap. Those won't stop a Yugo stuck in first....
Therefore I decided if I'm going to clean things up I might as well do the needed upgrades that Mitsu couldn't do

Fresh 2g pads, rotors, calipers and hoses for the front, stock pads and rotors for the rear. I had to rebuild the calipers due to bound up pistons. Pictures of the clean rears to follow.
That is all the worth while pics I have right now, more to follow in a day or two. This is not planned to be a race car, I just felt I would share the 'common man' resurrection with all of you. As for anyone that is wondering why I am calling it a Mitsubishi Talon....
Stay tuned for more pics and you will understand


i have pics of the mitsubishi talon conversion and thanks for the side note on my car. lol glad that having my car sit there is worth something to someone...

the calipers look sick and did you already get the head back on or is that a pre-head pulling pic?


Well, after a busy week and an ugly, snowy, tree snapping, power line tearing weekend, I have no power at the shop and they don't expect to have me back to making money until Friday.....
Therefore, I brought my son in to the shop today and we shoveled the parking lot. After finishing that up, we found the temp. inside the shop had come all the way up to 46 degrees. Perfect time to get back to work on the car, since I have no lights or phones and couldn't order parts even if I had customer cars to work on :cry:

We finished installing the rest of the brakes. Just have to bleed everything now. My ss UICP had shown up yesterday to I got to test fit that, even tho there is currently no intake or cylinder head ( I believe the machine shop is waiting for power to be restored too)
I did get to snap a couple pics before the sun got too low.


And now, they need to be repainted black, but I present ...

All for now. I hope to have a Supra MKIV smic within a week or so and then I get to come up with the best mount-up for it ! If anyone knows of a driver's side Eclipse tail light for cheap, ### pm me. I am missing that one and can't seem to find one anywhere..


Update time!!! 12/18/11Tried to put a link to this spot, but instead I used a bunch of red typing to make it easier to FIND![/SIZE]
After almost 2 months of working on the car, saving money, buying parts and trying to run a business...
We are just hours away from hearing the Talon run again !!! I will try to include as much as I can in picture form, however, there were many projects done in between other cars or with hands that were waaay too dirty to pick up my phone to snap pics.
I will start with some of the cleaning and refinishing done to this point. While the head was at the machine shop, which took almost a month, I was cleaning the valve cover and intake mani. This was the point that I decided I could make things cleaner for little money.
A little media blasting and a couple coats of flat black engine paint later be have... The old.

The new !!

Painted intake.. Never got a pic of the dirty version, but most people can just lift their hood to see it :D

Next I picked up a 2g TB elbow, ported it to the 1g gasket, a UICP, 2g ported exhaust mani and a Supra MKIV intercooler (That will be in another entry as I am looking for a shop to make my end tanks)
Test fitting the Supra-cooler

Minor 'adjustments' made

When I finally went to get the head from the machine shop, the guy asked me if the car ran..... sigh, that's never a good question from a machinist working on your parts. Turned out cyl #1 had 3 bent valves and the head had about .008 warp.
Picked up a head set and came in early the next morning to get the head on then I ordered the timing belt kit.
While waiting for that and the 3" downpipe and o2 housing to come in, I once again said 'Self, those wheels look ok. But, damn they could look better'
Of to do some more paint shopping and get another bag of media blasting sand......
The old wheels.

The new, I went with a gun metal grey.

Now with those done and the 1 leaky bead taken care of, it was time to start installing more parts !!
Got the driver's tail light I was missing, painted them all to match and installed

New radiator, hoses, heater hoses, vacuum lines, non cruise throttle cable, intake and exhaust manifolds and a full timing component kit.
Using a 3" DP and o2 housing tends to cause the oil filter to be permanent, to those of you that aren't aware so after some research, and somehow having one come up in the marketplace, I installed the Mighty Max forward facing oil filter housing. PS, the oil pan was already blue and not my choice of colors...

DP installed

On a little side note, I have to take a moment to thank honda_burner for all the time he has put into helping me and sometimes just hanging out. Probably cut another 2 weeks off of my build time !!

This brings us to the present time. I have a few things to finish up... wiring, reconnect the bumper, battery, connect the DP to the rest of the exhaust, a few bolts and 1 thread 'repair' then comes oil and coolant !!
Here is the finished underhood product and I will update again after the first road test !